OTM ITALIA s.r.l. has been operating for over 50 years, in the manufacturing sector for third party manufacturing, of metal components made with technological processes of blanking, drawing and stamping.

The purpose of creating value for our Customers, Employees, Partners and, in general, for the Community has always been achieved through behaviors inspired by sustainability, the enhancement of personnel, commercial transparency and compliance with the rules and laws.

Our ethical principles and the essential behavioral modalities, for the values of correctness, responsibility and seriousness that have always distinguished our entrepreneurial success, have been sanctioned through this

“Corporate Code of Ethics”

to which all those who must comply, for whatever reason, establish relationships, even temporarily, with OTM ITALIA s.r.l. in pursuing common goals.

The OTM ITALIA s.r.l., is placed on the European market for automotive and electromechanical industry for the following activities:
- realization of the product on specific of the Customer
- planning/construction moulds and equipments of production
- press-forging of metal materials
- assemblages of mechanical members

Industrial politics of the Director general's office of the OTM ITALIA s.r.l. expresses through the constant engagement oriented to the continuous improvement and the total satisfaction of the Customer.
In fact, profuse engagement in the years, has permission, through huge and continues investments, to widen the structures of the plant, to improve job atmosphere, to increase the machines and to install highly technological monitoring systems to the aim to guarantee the quality of the product.

Our legal and production seat is situated in Oriolo industrial area near Madignano (CR) and it is spread over an area of nearly 5.000mq. The factory consisting in 3 sheds adjacent that is spread over an area of nearly 2.500mq.
In the main shed are present all the main services (administrative offices, production, quality, logistics and purchases).
The second shed is used for the activities of packaging and storing of the products, while the third shed is used for the props workings.

The production has in equipment machinery of the following typology:
- medium speed presses with a power from 25t up to 400t for automatic production with progressive, compound and transfer moulds
- rotary tables for mechanical assembly
- barrel equipment

The unit props has in equipment, beyond the traditional machinery (lathe, grindings, milling machine, drills, hardening furnace, etc.), a wire electrical discharge machine ensuring a service of maximum reliability and autonomy in manufacturing and maintenance of the main mould/equipment production parts.

Our production process is developed through the following main production steps:
- feasibility analysis - offer - agreement re-examination
- moulds design and manufacturing (for progressive, compound and transfer moulds)
- material provisioning
- production
- superficial and/or thermal treatment supplying
- product packaging and stocking
- management of the product shipment to the Customer

Moulds maintenance is carried out within the company by qualified staff and adequately characterized through a periodic formation executed from personal inside and/or near recognized external Agencies.

All the processes and/or products supplied from OTM ITALIA s.r.l., also being supplied from qualified and certified companies, are monitored and checked by our internal staff.

The main raw materials are:
- Carbon steel
- High strength steel
- Stainless steel
- Aluminium
- Aluminium alloys
- Brass
- Copper

Thicknesses worked: from 0,10mm until 5,00mm

The main treatments are:

- Cr III zinc coating
- Mechanical zinc plating
- Cr III zinc-nickel coating
- Geomet (ex Dacromet)
- Cataphoresis
- Coating with epoxy-polyester powder

- Hardening and Tempering
- Carburizing
- Soft Nitriding

The finished product is packeged according to the Customer requst and warehoused in a nearby hangar used only for logistics services. Shipment and delivery are guaranteed by internal staff and, in case, with the assistance of couriers chosen by the Customer.

Guaranteed services reserved to all our Customers
- quality of product
- maximum reliability and flexibility of deliveries
- competitive prices

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