Assistance and Technical Consulting

The technical staff of OTM ITALIA s.r.l. through the assistance and technical consulting service, provides its decades of technological experience in blanking, drawing and metal stamping processes, matured and proven by the continuous satisfaction of needs, more and more selective, in various industrial sectors (Automotive - Electromechanical - Construction - Railway - etc.)
This continuous and fruitful exchange of results with our customers, as well as the continued development of technological know-how inside, has allowed us to develop an effective application of advanced analysis techniques of production processes, enabling us to first identify technical solutions and production with particularly low manufacturing costs, to ensure high production capacities in full compliance with product requirements.
The consulting service, coordinated by the owner, works in collaboration with a team of technical specialists in Production, Tooling and Quality, according to the specific requirements submitted or requested.


Cold stamping of sheet metal
- Support in the business process analysis to identify and remove the causes of molding problems
- Feasibility studies and analysis of mechanical components

Development of process documentation
- Flow chart of the production process
- Machine Parameters Card
- Process FMEA Analisys
- Control Plan - Registration Cards / Control Cards

Staff training
- Implementation of the Quality Management System (ISO 9001 – IATF16949)
- Process FMEA Analisys
- Problem Solving Techniques (8D - Cause and Effect Diagram - 5 why)
- Management of maintenance activities for molds and equipment
- Management of the equipment for monitoring and measuring
- Cost of Quality

Audit (ISO 9001 – IATF16949)
- Quality Management System
- Process
- Product
- Supplier assessment

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