The OTM ITALIA s.r.l., is placed on the European market for automotive and electromechanical industry for the following activities:

  • realization of the product on specific of the Customer
  • planning/construction moulds and equipments of production
  • blanking, drawing and stamping of metallic materials
  • assemblages of mechanical members


Industrial politics of the Director general's office of the OTM ITALIA s.r.l. expresses through the constant engagement oriented to the continuous improvement and the total satisfaction of the Customer. In fact, profuse engagement in the years, has permission, through huge and continues investments, to widen the structures of the plant, to improve job atmosphere, to increase the machines and to install highly technological monitoring systems to the aim to guarantee the quality of the product.

Technical Consulting

The technical staff of OTM ITALIA s.r.l. through the assistance and technical consulting service, provides its decades of technological experience in blanking, drawing and metal stamping processes, matured and proven by the continuous satisfaction of needs, more and more selective, in various industrial sectors (Automotive - Electromechanical - Construction - Railway - etc.)

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